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Meet the Staff

Benjamin Vasquez, reporter

Hello. My name is Benjamin Vasquez. I am 19 years old and I live in Norwalk, CT. As you might guess, I am currently a student at Norwalk Community College. My major is in Communication arts, specifically TV Production. I am currently enrolled in American Film Heritage, Intro to Mass Communications, and the Student Newspaper.

I plan to write about events, information, and other helpful advice relevant to NCC. For example, my previous article was about taking the bus to and from NCC. I also included some tips on how to do it properly. I plan to write my next article about one of the clubs at NCC or its merger with the other CT schools.

My NCC experience has been complicated, to put it mildly. I started in P-tech, a Program that would pay for two years at NCC as long as I chose a field in computer programming. It took only one semester until I realized that I hated computers. Then, it took two semesters for me to realize I wanted nothing to do with them. For about three semesters, I just grit my teeth and got through doing what was necessary to finish the degree. Unfortunately, there were some less-than-stellar times for me while doing so, again, to put it mildly. Eventually, it got to the point where I could not even do the work I was given from a lack of motivation. So I decided I might as well change my degree to something I would be able to put to good use. Or at least hate less.

I look forward to letting NCC students know more about activities around campus, as well as some other helpful information. And I look forward to writing more for the NCC Voice newspaper.

Photo: William Vasquez

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