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How to Enjoy Fall without Dying Planning

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

By Maria Fernanda Torres

Photo credit: Maria Fernanda Torres

A guide for the adventurous student who wants to enjoy Fall but needs a little help.

Hey! If you are reading this, it is because you want to have a fun Fall without stressing too much about the planning. And maybe get some cute pics, too? So, without wasting too much time, here is an amazing place near for you to go to this Fall!

From Sept. 15 to Oct. 1

What to do at The Big E?

Eat: There will be so many food trucks for any craving you may have. Anything cider and pumpkin spice!

Shows: Every day there is a new form of entertainment. This year, Zedd, Third Blind Eye, Christ Young, and many other artists will perform at the fair.

Animals: Cute animals in the house for you to melt with love.

Vendors: So many cute local and non-local stores show off their talents. I suggest buying at least something to support them!

Rides and Games: So many cool rides and fun games!

Avenue of States: The main thing at The Big E is this over here! This is an avenue with six buildings. Each building represents a state from New England. Each state house has food, clothes, animals, seasonal decorations, etc., representing each state better.

And much, much more!

Why should you go? Let me tell ya! It’s honestly a really cool fair, with so many great things to do and see. It’s like a normal fair but on steroids. It’s also nice to get out of the norm and experience something new in another state. I know school can be stressful, so take a day to enjoy the simple things with family and friends.

Keep an eye on for updates in this article, as CT State Norwalk offers transportation to

The Big E every year! It will be updated once we know about it.


To buy in advance online at Adult ticket – $16.00

Opening Day ticket - $12.00

To buy at the gate of the fair:

Adult ticket – $20.00


If you want to use CT State Norwalk transportation:

Student ticket -

Guest ticket -

You can get your tickets in room -


1305 Memorial Ave. West Springfield, Mass.

If you want to know where else to go this Fall, don’t miss the next column, I’ll be here… planning for you!

Maria Fernanda Torres is a travel writer for The Voice.

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