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Mel Brito

Hi, my name is Mel Brito and I am currently in my second semester at Norwalk Community College.

I used to study mechanical engineering at the University of Connecticut but dropped out during my sophomore year. I realized I needed a different pace and joined NCC to continue my studies while taking some time for myself.

In my first semester here, I took an English class and realized that I worked better with words and art than with math. I am currently studying for a liberal arts transfer, so I can go back to UConn and major in English.

I love reading and listening to music. I don’t have many hobbies but I love finding new places to visit and trying new foods. I’m a baker and barista at a coffee bar in Stamford.

I am a commuter and most of my college experience happened throughout the pandemic, making it harder for me to connect with the college community.

I also suffer from mental and chronic illnesses. I plan to use my writing to help students readjust to college life and give them support.

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