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The Curse of the YouTubers' Fame

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

By Carmine Fusaro

It’s no surprise that YouTube has become a common household media since its arrival

on Valentine’s Day in 2005. Back then, YouTube’s content wasn’t ruled by certain

regulations, such as cursing freely, putting weird, random “unsuspecting” cursed videos and

using copyrighted music to use anytime for anyone’s personal gain.

Today, YouTube has gotten stingy with its rules: three strikes and they’re out of the game. Violating YouTube’s rules will get anyone’s video deleted and if someone’s managed to download the video before deletion, that video will be used on someone else to make a joke. A YouTuber’s fame can easily be taken down a creator’s creative video by turning it into an unsettling misfortune.

With more power handled on a single person or more, sometimes their heads can be

illumined with laughter. When Logan Paul made the video on Japan’s Suicide Forest in late

December 2017, he giggled at the sight of a disturbing image, and later he made an

apologetic video to everyone who saw the video. Since then, people still remember that video

and some scoff him out for doing such a distasteful thing for views. But there are

those who still supported him even after the sudden “accidental” moment. He’s still making

more than $10 million dollars with his subscribers by supporting him and buying merch from his Patreon.

James Charles has largely been influenced by many people since wearing makeup on his face to show that a man can be beautiful. Expressing your noble strength is one thing, but

manipulating people’s words isn’t how to express your personality. He wanted to twist people’s words, thinking to make a straight man gay would be successful and it doesn’t work that way. He has lost over 3 million subscribers after that scandal, but he’s known for making such a scandal, despite being an influencer to all beauty shops everywhere and sponsoring CoverGirl, which no longer wants him involved. Fame can bring anyone into the footsteps of regret, no one can forget it and no one will let it go unpunished.

The more subscribers a YouTuber has, the more likely the YouTuber will slip up in a matter of time.

Everyone knows Logan Paul and James Charles’ misdeeds, but it can happen to anyone who can make follow different footsteps of regret and no one can predict the unpredictable. Not unless someone’s a psychic like Nostradamus, having numerous predictions without using modern words that can be relatable to now, but he’s eerily descriptive of his predictions.

Once an unknown someone who has a YouTube account can be reliable for a small entrusting entertainment, while the other will be an inspiration to those who are starting out or being an unrealistic person with too much power to handle. YouTube’s “fixed” content has been angrily advised by many YouTubers and commenters, so the future is still unknown to us all.

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