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Art hub in stamford is offering entertainment and education! - Explore with Joanna

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

By Joanna Giano

Fairfield County students who adore art or would like to get into the art scene should check out The Stamford Art Association which offers free online exhibitions during COVID-19, as well as other programs for local artists.

The Association founded in 1971 usually has expositions at three locations aside from their main building, the townhouse, and the Ferguson Library, all located in Stamford.

Currently, they are celebrating their 40th year of the Stamford Faber Birren show, which awards local and international artists. Among ways to get involved is through membership with a low annual fee of $30. Prices vary depending on age and group. Membership-accessible events that are hosted for artist admiration and education are currently closed due to the pandemic.

The Faber Birren Show is in honor of Fabien Birren, a Stamford author of popular color theory. The expedition offers an opportunity for artists to win monetary awards for their work. The contest looks for “original and creative expression of color.

This year is the 40th anniversary of the contest. A total of 40 artists are selected from September to October. The 2020 winner Jessica Alazaki’s work “Tiger” won $1000.

Alazaki is no stranger to the art scene. A Mexican City artist, she

focuses on oil painting about Latin life in the United States. The Founder's award was one of many award-winning pieces done throughout her career. Representation of Latin culture in the United States, which in this work depicts an immigrant father and daughter at an art show, to address discrimination towards minorities. This decade brought many difficulties in how the nation viewed Hispanic people with anti-Hispanic propaganda being spread, in order to be a scapegoat of issues in the government.

In addition, many other artists are representing their work where you can take in local and

international art. Through art one can open their world to new cultures. Being a part of your local “art scene” is more accessible than one might think. Everyone could use some art in their life. The Stamford Art Association Faber Birren Color Award Exhibit is presented at its Townhouse Gallery, 39 Franklin St., Stamford. For more information, visit

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