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The Greenwich Art Society - Explore with Joanna

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

By Joanna Giano

My teenage self would volunteer at an art association in Greenwich, Conn. My middle school had a club where members would assemble art exhibitions, meet the artist and discuss their inspiration/purpose for their gallery.

Last year we discussed the amazing benefits the Stamford Art Society students have. It is a local art oasis with resources and exhibits a few miles from the NCC campus. Greenwich Art Society is another local novelty that students can benefit from with its tasteful gathering of art. The exhibition is both superficially beautiful with its traditional Greek architecture of government buildings, accordingly with its historically kept marble stairs with dark wooden lining.

The building itself is in cahoots with the talent on the walls. On the other hand, the structure does not stand alone but it is filled with educational and entertaining art content for the creativity cravers.

Unfortunately, the Association is not completely free of charge but students are fortunate enough to acquire a discounted rate for membership, making the fee $25 to $75. The extra $50 is at your discretion if you would like to volunteer or opt-out with a donation. The regular fee is $75 at its lowest. Aside from membership opportunities, there are art classes.

The Association gives resources both online and in person. You could attend art classes, with the option varying from beginning acrylic painters to acrylic masters! But if tasting art as a spectator is more of your thing, linked resources are on their website for public use. The Association gives high-quality photos of past exhibitions online, with photos of the exhibition gathering with the hosted artist.

The Greenwich Art Society offers art classes for adults and kids taught in a highly personalized setting.

Find information about the Greenwich Art Society here.

Joanna Giano is Editor-in-Chief of The Voice.

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