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Here's Seven Ways To Address Post-Election Self-Care

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

By Sade Scales-Adair

Regardless of who won the election this year, there will be an uproar and it’s good to have a healthy self-care system. It’s important to keep yourself sane to get through these turbulent times. Whether you need to feel active or need to rest, here are some ways to practice self-care post-election.

  1. Breathe. Remember that you and your friends and family are safe.

  1. Check-in on your loved ones. Taking the time to be with with them can help you feel less lonely and give you hope. It’s important to remember you’re not alone.

  2. Schedule paid time off if you have it or need it. If you’re a student take a day or two to gather yourself, so you can put all your focus on your work. You deserve a mental health day! You can also talk to a mental health counselor on campus if you need another outlet. Here’s a link with the information you would need regarding counseling services

  3. Write down and go through your coping mechanisms. Whether it’s old or new techniques, use them! These mechanisms will help you get through these times and hopefully lessen the stress put on you.

  4. Take a break from your phone. Election updates are everywhere on social media, so taking a break and logging out of your social media for a couple of hours will do you justice.

  5. Find comforting distractions. Make a list of movies, shows, songs, games, and any other form of entertainment to distract you from the world for a little bit. Doing things you enjoy will help boost your serotonin!

  6. When you’re ready, let it go. If you voted, then you have done your part and you can only do so much. Don’t let the election results consume you, continue to live your life, and flourish. You can find other ways you can help your community and support them.

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