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How to Enjoy Fall without Dying Planning - Spooky Edition

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

By Maria Fernanda Torres

Hello there! We meet again. Are you ready to enjoy this spooky season? Great! We will begin with one of the most famous attractions there is during the Halloween season… haunted houses! Here are some of my favorites.

Fright Haven Haunted Attraction, Stratford CT:

This haunted house was so scary, I remember thinking when I step into the first room: “Oh, no. I have to remind myself this is not real constantly, huh?” What I love about this attraction is that it has a story behind it, so when you walk through the haunted house you feel more connected to the story when seeing the characters coming at you. You can read the background story here

Tickets are $25 for general admission. There is more information here

Legends of Fear, Shelton CT:

This haunted hayride plus haunted house were so fun! My friends and I enjoyed this attraction so much. It was scary but not super scary. Besides the haunted attractions, this place has a few quick bites, snacks, ice cream, hot cocoa, etc. that you can try while you wander around the farm taking pictures of all the Halloween decorations, or just exploring it more. I would definitely recommend going to this place. There is something about being outside, in the middle of a dark, crispy October night, sitting on a hayride waiting to get scared that makes me excited… Would you dare to experience it? Tickets sell out quickly for this popular attraction but there are still some available so visit the website now for Legends of Fear.

Let me know if you decide to experience one of these amazing attractions and what you thought of them. I hope you have a great, yet scary spooky season. If you want to know where else to go this Fall, don’t miss the next column. I’ll be here… planning for you!

Maria Fernanda Torres is a travel columnist for The Voice.

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