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Life After the Pandemic Through a Teacher’s Lens

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Photo: Pixabay

By Mel Brito

The time of whipped coffee and Harry Styles’ cardigan has come to an end with schools returning to traditional in-person classes and Zoom being used less frequently.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a pause in the student world, making classes less engaging through Zoom, and allowing more time for students to learn how to crochet, game, and follow trends on TikTok.

But with more students beginning to return to in-person classes and teachers returning to their old teaching styles, it’s important to acknowledge the readjustment period we are all going through.

Many teachers are noticing a decrease in engagement with their students and less motivation. Michael Von Wahlde from Westhill high school said “it’s harder for them to carry conversations, they’re more willing to stay quiet;” it seems to many teachers that high school students expect the same leniency given to them during the pandemic.

However, many teachers are eager to return to their in-person classes, excited to interact with their students and apply the teaching skills that they couldn’t use through Zoom.

When asked how she feels about coming back in in-person, Estelle Dattolo, an Italian professor at Norwalk Community College, said “as a teacher, I feel at ease. I missed the interactions and I think they learn more and better in person.”

It’s important during this adjustment period to readopt studying skills and learn to socialize again. Amy Calandro, an English teacher at Westhill high school, recommends readjusting your view as a student, “you need to remember that the competition is not just your school, but the world, and you need to be competitive and have a strong work ethic.”

All three teachers agreed that students would benefit from socializing with their community, Dattolo and Von Whalde suggested “joining clubs and attending events,” and “being outwardly curious,” for students to ease back into traditional learning.

Mel Brito is a reporter for the Voice.

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