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Students Will Travel South for "Alternative" Spring Break

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

By Nelissa Rosario Rodriguez

A popular Alternative Spring Break opportunity drew volunteers to help Habitat Humanity in South Carolina in March.

The annual service trip is organized by the Service-Learning Program, Student Activities, and Students Government Association at the college.

Volunteers, each at the fee of $200, will go to Myrtle Beach from March 13 to 18 to work on a home building or renovation project to help families in need. The trip next month filled up quickly but organizers urge those interested to sign up for the opportunity now for 2023.

Students shown took part in an Alternative Spring Break service trip in 2021.

Photo by Courtney Anstett

The service trip is beneficial for NCC students. It is an opportunity to learn skills that are valuable in the professional world. This is a trip for the students to learn and grow in their professional careers, according to Service-Learning Coordinator Courtney Anstett.

After this trip students will develop certain skills such as working with others, teamwork, communication, and will assist students to become well-rounded citizens. In the future, these students will have the advantage of adding their acquired skills to their resume or inspiring other students at the college to partake, she explained in an email.

Those interested in being part of next spring's trip are urged to sign up now because spots fill up quickly, Anstett said. Think about what you can obtain from this experience and follow up by contacting Courtney Anstett at

Investing time in this trip is investing in your bright future for a better you. Have a productive and fun Spring Break.

Nelissa is a Voice staff writer.

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