Some In, Others Out On Pandemic Thanksgiving

By Jessica Jones

The holidays this year have a different sort of vibe. Especially this past Thanksgiving. Gatherings were smaller and video calling was used. COVID-19 is forcing us all to adapt and think of safer ways to enjoy one’s company. Many NCC students and faculty opted to spend their Thanksgiving time with close and immediate family members. Others spent it alone or quarantined from loved ones.

Others decided to travel anyways despite the guidelines which led to some states having a surge in cases reported during the Thanksgiving weekend. People who are dealing with COVID-19 systems were not able to see their families. It is certainly a hard time for them. Elders were not able to see their grandchildren or families being states or countries apart from one another. Patients who are hospitalized and the hospital workers tending to them day and night.

NCC students and a faculty member were asked ahead of the holiday what their plans were.

“I decided that this holiday season, to stay home and use FaceTime to host FriendsGiving. I had a blast,” a student said.

“Our Thanksgiving consisted of my husband and I and our lovable pup. We enjoyed our time together," a faculty member remarked for the article.

“I will be spending Thanksgiving at my parent’s house. I’m so excited I can’t wait to see them,” another student enthused.

This is a time of year when families are in need. This is especially so with COVID-19 and climbing unemployment rates. Some markets didn’t have much stock on certain items and this could place stress on anyone. Long lines awaited near food banks, and many places were encouraging people to volunteer and give back to those in need. The NCC campus provided events that helped and benefitted families in need, such as the Winter Warm-up coat drive and the NCC Food Pantry by giving out Thanksgiving bags.

This time of the year many, including myself, travel to loved ones homes and celebrate the feast together. However, I decided to celebrate my Thanksgiving with my immediate family and didn’t travel out of the state. I still was able to have a great and fun time. I still cooked and

played music. I even call up a few other family members and friends. Although it was certainly different, the love and joy during this holiday remained the same. I am most happy that I was able to enjoy the holiday without spreading the virus around. I am grateful for my health and my family’s health for allowing us to enjoy this holiday.

I even encourage customers at the market I work at to donate any canned goods or groceries to our local food banks. After all, this is a giving holiday.

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