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By Victoria Massa

Spooky season is finally here. Pumpkins are being

carved. Kids are dressing up as their favorite superheroes and

there is way too much candy being eaten. Halloween is a fun

time for kids. They get to dress up and be something that they

think is silly or someone they look up to or even hope to

be. I remember one year I dressed up as the president of the

United States. I had a very big imagination as a kid, and I still do!

Halloween is a special time there are so many fun

things to do from costume parties, trick or treat, hayrides, and

haunted houses. One thing about me is I am a baby when it comes to scary things.

I do not like anything scary but I do love haunted houses. There is just something about being with your friends all terrified walking through that haunted house. I think it is funnier than scary, seeing all your friends legit almost pee themselves because they are so scared.

Norwalk Community College hosts a “Trail of Terror Trip”. It is located on four

appalling acres of forsaken forest. The haunted scenes take up more than half of that area. After entering the gates there are 30 different scary and spooky scenes!

Student Khatrina Miranda said, “Going to the haunted house is something that I love

doing as an NCC student not also is it fun, but you also get to hang out with other students at the school that you may not know, I love going and I always have such a great time.”

Tickets can be purchased on campus in W112. Student tickets are only $15. There is also

transportation the bus will depart from NCC at 5 and 9:30 p.m.

If you are brave enough, I dare you all to go and get your socks knocked off!!

Victoria Massa is a writer for The Voice.

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