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Wire-Wrapping Technique Makes Beautiful Jewelry

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

(Earrings made by Angenee Spencer - From @handmadecreationsncc on Instagram)

(Earrings made by Angenee Spencer. Photo: @handmadecreationsncc on Instagram)

By Hope Goodrich

Are you searching for a way to de-stress pre-midterms? Look no further because the Handmade Creation Club has you covered. Join them for activities such as painting, mandala making, and scrapbooking.

Most recently the club hosted a Wire Wrapping Workshop allowing students to

use their hands in a creative and relaxed environment. Each event is hosted by the club members, including President Angenee Spencer, Vice President Ariana Alban, and their advisor, Director of the Career Development and Experiential Learning Center, Kiran Somaya.

“Our workshops are beginner friendly and often relaxing. We welcome students at every skill

level and we’re here to help/ encourage you if it’s needed” says Spencer. Almost hinting at the club’s slogan “Don’t wait, come create!”.

With NCC being a commuter campus, it can be daunting to get involved in after-school

activities. The Handmade Creations Club advisor Kiran Somaya guides all students through the creative process. Somaya is available for any questions and helps one on one when a student needs assistance.

When asked about what the club wants students to know President Spencer said, “I would like NCC students to know that the club provides all materials for free. We do a different activity every week and I’m always amazed by what members create”. No student should have to worry about not being able to afford to have a creative outlet.

The Handmade Creation Club has been consistently active since the Fall of 2020. Where their

meetings were held through WebEx. Since returning to campus their events are frequently

listed in the NCC Newsletter. Due to their hard work, the club was recognized as the “Club of the Year” in 2022.

They have already begun promoting their upcoming event, a Holi Celebration, on March 3.

Where you can paint on mini canvases and enjoy some Indian food. Events are held in the

Makerspace on the West campus in room W124 at 2:30 pm. All students and faculty are

welcome to join!

Club information is on Instagram Email Club Advisor Kiran Somaya at

Hope Goodrich is a reporter for the Voice.

Edited by Gabriella De Souza Vilas Boas

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