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Campus 'Weird' But Safe Students Say

by Jessica Jones

With Fall semester just getting started, everyone is getting used to studying and working in this environment. Classrooms are filled with smaller amounts of students, practicing social distancing rules. Professors offer virtual office hours.

“I’m taking in-person classes as a way to get out of the house. I learn better by being in class” said Alexandria, a student at NCC.

“For the most part everyone is wearing their masks and following the guidelines which puts me at ease. The virtual events at the school are nice to attend ” said another NCC student.

“It is weird to walk in hallways. I’m so used to it being so crowded and loud. I am mostly in and out. I complete all of my studying at home," another NCC student Natalie said.

Still another related that, “I am super nervous about getting sick. I am not comfortable to go back into in-person classes cause I’m afraid more cases will rise. Although, I really don’t like the online format, I think it’s much safer for me at this time. I’m unsure about the spring semester. Maybe I might change."

NCC has been handling COVID-19 very well. The college actively keeps everyone up to date and informed. With signage posted all throughout the campus saying that masks are required. And sanitizer stations are placed all over.

Academic advisors still offer support to students by setting up appointments virtually.

The library is open for use of computers. You have to sanitize your hands before and after using the computers. Study areas in the library are available as well and are sanitized after every use.

In addition, the campus offers plentiful virtual events, such as the Wellness Wednesdays to support and engage with students.

Even though the pandemic has been difficult, we are all in this together and we will overcome it .

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