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Restoring A Timeless Crossing

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

By Carmine Fusaro Since the epidemic of COVID-19, Abbey Road is getting painted. The reason they couldn’t do it before the spread of the epidemic was because the city officials were not given a reason to paint it.

They can tell people, “Please don’t cross this street, we need to repaint by honoring the greatest rock band ever existed.” But people (pedestrians or drivers) don’t have time to go around the street because the residents live there. The highways maintenance workers can’t work at night because they close at night and they can’t see at night unless they have the blinding lights from a sports stadium.

So London officials advised that residents stay indoors and keep to themselves, and several feet of distance away from people, to be safe.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that the residents can leave the house for grocery shopping, exercise once a day and going to and from work. Meanwhile, Abbey Road crossing getting repainted. The residents were committed to accepting the new rules, but to their shock, the crossing is getting repainted with a dazzling fresh coat of everlasting memories of The Beatles.

Everyone couldn’t complain about a fresh coat of paint for the crossing because The Beatles walked on it as ordinary citizens. The iconic image of the Abbey Road Vinyl Album was photographed on Aug. 8, 1969. The original photo is still kept in pristine condition as it was taken for its 50th Anniversary and no doubt, residents and visitors can’t resist walking on the timeless street, Abbey Road.

With so many classics, from “Come Together,” “Something,” “Octopus’ Garden,” “Carry That Weight,” among them, new generations of fans are still enjoying The Beatles music, over artists like Cardi B., Miley Cyrus, Lil Yatchy, etc.

The Beatles’ music has listened to endlessly by their fans. No other rock band is as popular. As the residents of the corner of Abbey and Grove End roads in St. John’s Wood stay indoors, they can pull out a Beatles song as the crew work on the crossing.

If the crew walks slow, maybe they can play “The Sun King,” “You Never Give Me Your Money” or Maxwell’s Silver Hammer.”

Sadly, the coronavirus pandemic has affected millions of people around the world. But good for the famous crossing of Abbey Road for visits by Beatles fans, it will be refreshed with a new coat of paint.

People can make choices of doing something while being quarantined and everyone has to be creative, be their own artist. There are no grades. Coronavirus won’t stay long but the hearts of the Beatles will live on.

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