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Survive the Pandemic At NCC, Here's Help

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

By Cindy Makaba

As the semester began many of us were questioning how this school year would unfold. COVID-19 has impacted all our lives somehow. I know for me, I’ve been having a hard time jumping back into a routine. Parents and students may have many questions on how things will work and if opening the campus was a smart and safe idea.

Cases have been going down since June but every death is a loss. Still, compared to other states in the tristate area Connecticut is among the lowest COVID-19 transmission states reported The Hartford Courant in this article.

NCC has set new regulations. Since July 13, staff has been practicing social distancing and wearing masks is a policy. Students are also required to wear masks when on campus and are required to practice social distancing in the classroom.

A lot of classes are now online something a lot of students may not be used to but it’s definitely doable. If you don’t have a computer or good internet connection the NCC library (on East campus) is open as well as computer labs on the West campus.

NCC also offers a course on navigating Blackboard which you can find on the Norwalk Community College website that helps break the site down so you aren’t intimidated. Here is the link to find out more about Blackboard.

If you are a family in need of food assistance due to the COVID-19 outbreak you can go to The Pantry @NCC on the college website here to find out how to access items.

For the students struggling with classwork, NCC also offers free tutoring services. You can meet online or in-person and need an appointment for both. Tutoring information is here.

And if you are feeling overwhelmed, depressed, anxious or anything in between NCC offers mental health assistance. Here is information about the Counseling Services.

Also, in Norwalk, there is a program called Smart Recovery. For information, contact The Hub Behavioral Health Action Organization for Southwestern CT at or call 203-840-1187.

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